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Pictures Quotes from Ava Max Song "Weapons" 

ava max - weapons Quotes
We're nothing but some stardust and molecules, Tryna find the light in the darkest rooms

Ava Max - Weapons Quotes
Stop using your words as weapons, They're never gonna shoot me down

Ava Max - Weapons Quotes
These empty hearts are made of steel, But underneath, they're not invincible

What's Ava Max - Weapons talk about?

We learn to talk carefully from this song. It is well known that Ava Max wrote this song in response to the extensive hate speech she encountered online.

Ava Max attempts to stay upbeat despite the amount of hostility she has encountered, but this does not make her impervious to it. Ava Max is disappointed, but she is confident that the animosity she encounters won't be able to crush her spirit and make her give up.

Ava Max declared that she would only return the hatred with love.

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